Monday status conference: March comes in like a lion

supremestatThe snowy conditions in the nation’s capital may mean a slower-than-usual start to this week for some federal offices, but oral arguments should begin as scheduled this morning at The U.S. Supreme Court. The matters the justices are scheduled to hear this week include a much-watched case that will determine if elected state judges violate due process rights by ruling in matters involving large campaign donors. That comes tomorrow; today, the Court will consider whether a convict has the right to review DNA evidence post-conviction. Stay tunes for any decisions, cert grants or other news coming from the Court as well this week.


‘Conscience’ rule reversal: The Obama administration has begun the process of reversing a controversial Bush-era rule that denies federal funding to health care facilities that refuse to accommodate employees who object to providing birth control sand other services to patients.

Labor pains: President Obama’s pro-labor stance is worrying business groups. (NYT)

En guard! President Obama challenged lobbyists to a legislative duel Saturday, saying he will fight to change health care, energy and education in dramatic ways that will upset the status quo. (AP)

Not a jury of one’s peers? More federal courts are seeing petitions claiming that minorities are so underrepresented in jury pools that indictments and trials are unconstitutional. (ABA Journal)


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