Plaintiff, attorneys and tort reform proponents react to Levine ruling

usscpoolReaction to today’s Supreme Court ruling in Wyeth v. Levine has been swift. This afternoon the case’s plaintiff. Diana Levine, told reporters that she was overjoyed by the justices’ decision.

“I’m on ceiling,” Levine told reports on a press call hosted by the American Association for Justice. “I’m just so high about this. Next to getting my hand back, it’s the best that they could do, and it’s the least that they could have done.”

David Frederick, who argued on Levine’s behalf before the Supreme Court, said the case “will have a transformative effect on her life and on the lives of consumers who are injured by inadequately labeled drugs.”

But James R. Copland, director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Legal Policy, expressed dismay over the ruling.

“In a disappointing ruling, the Supreme Court today in Wyeth v. Levine decided to allow a state jury to override the Food and Drug Administration’s carefully considered judgments on drug safety,” Copland said in a statement. “The decision has vast negative implications, for both the economy and public health.”


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