Monday status conference: Unions and divisions

The U.S. Supreme Court isn’t hearing oral arguments today, but the justices could hand down opinions or grant certiorari in new cases today. Stay tuned here for developments.

capitolfrontElsewhere, the honeymoon between President Barack Obama and some members of congress appears to be long over, and GOP lawmakers step up their attacks on the president for his proposals on rescuing the nation’s banks, stimulating the economy and other issues.


Uniting the unions: Union leaders are in talks on how to bring together organized labor groups that fractured in 2005. (NYT)

Card check counter attack: Republican lawmakers in both the House and Senate have introduced bills aimed at countering the controversial Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it illegal for employers to prohibit employees from unionizing by using cards to show majority support for a union rather than a formal election. (Lawyers USA)

IRS to do its own debt collecting: A controversial IRS program that used private debt collectors to track down delinquent taxpayers had be ended, to the delight of public employee unions. (AP)

Congressional pay freeze? Members of Congress would lose their annual cost-of-living pay raises under a proposal the Senate could vote on this week. (AP)

Renters’ rights reviewed: Lawmakers have introduced new legislation aimed at boosting the rights of tenants in properties that fall into foreclosure. (Lawyers USA)


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