Friday morning docket: A quieter, more hopeful Washington?

bmcferrinAll is quiet at the Supreme Court until the Justice’s next conference a week from today, Congress is not is session today either, and President Barack Obama is taking his new message of confidence to his staff and business leaders. You can almost hear Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy playing in the air. Oh, but it’s still Friday the 13th – for the second time in as many months – so beware of black cats and broken mirrors just the same.


The president’s prosecutor problem: In filling the attorney positions at the Justice Deparment, President Obama is faced with a conundrum: Does he replace all the conservative U.S. attorneys at once, and risk undermining his bipartisan campaign message, or does he roll them out slowly, drawing the ire of members of Congress? (WaPo)

Top positions filled: Meanwhile, the top brass of the Justice Department is shaping up as David W. Ogden was deputy attorney general Thursday, despite controversy over a past pornography case. Thomas J. Perrelli was also confirmed for the Departments No. 3 position. (NYT).

Who’s covered? Obama has also been put on the spot over whether he will provide health insurance to same-sex partners of federal employees. (NYT)

Going off on ‘off label’: A cadre of plaintiffs’ lawyers is helping spotlight allegedly widespread illegal marketing of “off-label” uses of drugs by the pharmaceutical industry. (Lawyers USA)

Making (card check) amends: Seeking to bolster support for the controversial unionizing bill, democratic lawmakers hinted that that the newly-filed card check bill could be amended. (Lawyers USA)

Life on the inside: Wonder what life is like for Bernie Madoff these days? An attorney specializing in federal sentencing and Bureau of Prison matters gives the skinny. (WSJ‘s Law Blog)


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